Wednesday, June 07, 2006

no idea?

jumpe laie.Kalau tgk blog ni dicipta biler ialah 06/06/06 kan?heh,unik kan?Harap2nye aku juge dpt le jd sorg yg unik heh!poyosla plak!Ok,starting from now,we must learn to speak english coz its......its....err....its importang,rite?heh,kite mix la skit ek!Ok,for diz world cup u all pastinye sudah ade ur favourite team,rite?Me also have my own team,guess.........Spain!!!!Viva La Espanol!!!!huh,hentam je!sbb ape aku choose spain ni ialah aku x minat brazil mahupun england! Brazil more egoistic for diz year welkup!They think there were great coz had won welkup for the 5th time!diz year,jgn harapla....!!! For england,i would say they are much like celebrities rather than playing football,juz look at beckham(he think he has nice looks!).Oleh itu,england mungkin bley pergi jauh la tp xkan menang welkup ni,Brazil pun same....Berlagak sgt!!Ptuihhhh!! Hope jgn mara er fanz brazil ngan england coz this is true fact comes from ma mouth,hihihi!Jika dilihat Spain plak,mereka tak fokus sgt pasal celebrities look sbb mereka lebih berusaha improve their skills and their teamwork.So,dgn adernyer star2 mereka such as Reyes,Puyol,Casillas,Fabregas,Villa,Raul,Torres,Garcia....pergh,complete,GIANT TEAM!! rather than argentina they also have few stars but dont expect them to go further for this welkup. Hah?Holland?holland bleh blah gakla tp impossible to win the cup!hehehe......Italy i think same like argentina,they could lose at semi in high level game.Cannot handle pressure la tuh....This is just my point of view,k!orait,see ya next time.We could talk a lotta football during dis greatest game on earth is held?huh,dont knowla..........ok,chow and adios!!

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