Monday, June 16, 2008

SSPN: Another mess from PTPTN?

Today,my day started at 9 am as I went to the Bank Islam inside Tabung Haji building to settle my UiTM bill. It took me so long to get out from my house to finally went to the heart of KL. Jalan Loke Yew has been upgraded(nearly) since it took a long time under construction. Back to the story,as I finished paid the bill, later I remembered that student who want to apply for PTPTN loan need to create new account called SSPN.So,I turned back to the counter and asked how to open the SSPN account.After filled all the details in the form we need to deposit at least RM20 into the account.I wondered,why do we need these thing? I mean the SSPN account.At the back of the form,it states that it was created to help student in financial aspect so that they could carry on studying in IPT. It also tells that they wanted student to have a firm plan for future savings.

Yeah,I started to think that is this the another way from PTPTN to get their money back by encourage us to saving.Maybelah.I don't know why must we have 2 accounts for the same purpose of existence.Also,I don't know which account that they would bank-in the loan either Bank Islam or SSPN account.PTPTN once again made a mess after their miscalculation of administration charge that forces Jakim to interfere.Enough said.

After all,I thought I wanted to watch Pensil directed by M.Subash but time did not allowed me to do so.Next time.Chau

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